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In a PEP, the Pooled Plan Provider takes on nearly all the responsibility.  Employers must still deposit contributions on time, provide us with information about employees and take care in choosing the right program, but the day-to-day responsibilities vanish.  We'll still keep you informed, but ultimate responsibility for running the plan and managing investments is isolated to the Pooled Plan Provider.


While the fee disclosure mandate helped raise awareness of fees, the focus on fees in relation to assets has created a world where fees are thought to be reasonable simply because they are in line with industry averages (which are often unreasonable).   PEPs drive cost efficiency by using the scale to drive overall costs down, and the potential reduction in fees is staggering - even for a well managed single employer plan.


Many existing PEPs would force employers to drop certain plan provisions that work well for them.  Our PEPs don't come with many design restrictions.  We support safe harbor designs as well as new comparability and age weighted allocations.  Whether you have a simple design or many complex provisions, our PEP can likely accommodate whatever you have (or want).


Easy to Setup & Maintain

Want a retirement plan solution for your customers but don't have a lot of time or money to dedicate to it?  No problem!  You can be as involved as you want to be and we'll take care of the rest.  We'll get your new solution on the market efficiently.

Fiduciary Services

We have a broad range of fiduciary expertise covering investment management, plan administration, product development and implementation and sales.  We'll work take care of your team and your clients with the care and skill that you expect of ERISA fiduciaries.

Cost Efficiency

Small businesses struggle to get cost efficient retirement plan services, which become a barrier to offering the benefit.  By bundling together many independent businesses to a single plan, all participants gain the efficiencies of a larger plan without losing their ability to choose plan provisions that are best for their business.

Fully Customizable

Nobody likes being told what to do.  401(k) plans need to meet the needs of the businesses and their employees and you can't do that with a one-size-fits-all approach.  We provide the flexibility in plan design for each employer to ensure we hit their sweet spot.



Now Accepting Employer Applications


Unleash the power of community on your 401(k).  Exclusively for employers conducting business in Northeast Wisconsin, this plan offers the community a retirement plan as innovative and caring as it's people.

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