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Family First Philosophy

Families are the cornerstone of our community.  Rather than isolating focus on individual 401(k) contributions, the NEW 401(k) Plan is designed to fit into the financial lives of your employees, not take them over.  By severing the link between provider compensation and assets, we can get your employees the help they need, even when it's outside the plan.

Cost Efficiency

Everyone loves a great value!  Most 401(k) plans focus on fees relative to industry averages, which are often unreasonable on a practical level.   The NEW 401(k) drive cost efficiency by charging fixed fees for services so a fee is shared by all participating employers instead of each paying for that fee individually.  The fixed fee structure also allows fees to stay flat as the assets grow so providers don't get raises when they aren't doing more work.

Aligned roles & Responsibilities

This NEW 401(k) Plan includes a Pooled Plan Provider, a named fiduciary responsible for plan operations who is accountable to the US Dept. of Labor. This gets you as far removed from plan fiduciary responsibility as possible so you can keep your focus on running your business.

Low cost, high value solutions

Easy to Setup & Maintain

With the NEW 401(k) Plan, we'll make transitioning from another provider simple and keep the everyday administrative tasks to a minimum.  No more quarterly meetings.  No more 5500 filings.

Fiduciary Services

Simple and transparent, the NEW 401(k) Plan has all of the fiduciary roles covered including 3(16) plan administrator, 3(38) discretionary investment manager, and trustee.  You'll only be responsible for providing us with accurate info, submitting contributions properly, and choosing this plan.


No smoke and mirrors here.  We don't need them.  The fixed fees are straight-forward and easy to understand.  We only use investments that don't pay revenue sharing giving you peace of mind that the price you see is the price you pay.


A one-size-fits-all approach rarely fits anyone well enough to work.  The same is true of your 401(k).  We offer flexibility on many plan provisions to make sure the plan works for you.  Provisions like safe harbor and new comparability are available in the NEW 401(k) Plan.

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