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Start With a Budget

Many students start their college journey without really understanding the financial costs.  We help you and your student create a roadmap showing how costs can be managed in an efficient manner.  The process opens up conversations between parents and students as you create a family college budget to keep everyone aligned.  If loans are needed, we'll help you find financing options that work best for your circumstances.

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See Your Net Cost Estimates & Eliminate Cost Uncertainty

Students shouldn't have to start their financial lives making a huge purchase without knowing the costs and alternatives available to them. Colleges obfuscate this information, highlighting average aid for their students (which includes loans & work study).  We will help you identify which schools should offer the better deals so you can make informed choices about where to apply and challenge financial aid offers that appear substandard.

Navigate the Process Wisely

From beginning to end, the process of applying for college financial aid is filled with opportunities to make mistakes that could cost thousands of dollars!  Filing the right forms the right way at the right times can be an overwhelming process! Our solution provides a way to stay organized and on track from beginning to end.


Schedule a Free Introductory Meeting

Interested in learning how we can help your student save on the costs of college and maximize your eligibility for financial aid?  Schedule a free, no obligation, consultation to learn more about how we can help you and your student save time and money!

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