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Is your retirement plan working as hard for you as you are for it?

Roughly 1 in 3 small business retirement plans are inefficient savings vehicles, with account fees draining more than employers contribute.  Most employers don't realize how much their plan is actually costing!  We'll help you identify opportunities to improve your plan and work with you to get your plan working more efficiently for you and your employees.

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What Drives High Plan Costs?

(and what we'll do to fix it)

Accountant at Work

Asset Based Fee Structures

Asset based fees are extremely common for retirement plan services and investment advice.  Providers love these because they get automatic pay increases for every dollar deposited, and features like automatic enrollment and automatic escalation help assets (and fees) grow even when the effort to service the plan stays constant.  

We strive to eliminate asset based fees from your plan for any service where the cost of servicing the plan isn't determined by the plan assets.  This means flat fees for recordkeeping, investment advice, and third party administration services among others.    

Financial Advisor

Type of Plan

Many small and medium sized businesses don't need a 401(k)!  Often, the needs of both the business owner(s) and employees can be met with a less complicated (and far less costly) option, such as a SIMPLE IRA plan.  By eliminating unnecessary complexity, employers can avoid the fees associated with certain service providers, along with the associated fees.

We'll look at how your plan is being used and listen to your future plans and help you determine if there is a more efficient model for your business.  

Financial Consultation

High Cost Investments

Many plan sponsors focus on investment costs more than provider costs, but we still see many plans that use expensive share classes and investments that perform similar to an index fund but charge higher management fees.  

We strive to utilize the most efficient share class for each investment and make sure the fund expense aligns with the fund costs, eliminating costly closet index funds.  

Schedule Your Free, No Obligation, Plan Review Today!

We'll provide you with information and strategies to take your plan to the next level and provide your employees with the benefit that've been longing for!

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